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Ortografía A TOPEEEE!!


Zones 2: Hands-On Zone

Zones 2  


Make a great movie poster for one of these movies using a cardboard:

(You can use a laptop to get some ideas…)

* A Trip to the Moon (6B)

* Humorous phases of funny faces (6D)

* The Kid (6C)

* Don Juan (6A)

* The Jazz Singer (6B)

* Flowers and Trees (6C)

* King Kong (6A)

* Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (6D)

* Gone with the Wind (6B)

* Fantasia (6D)

* Great Dictator (6C)

* Star Wars I (6A)

* Luxo Jr. (6B)

* Jurassic Park (6C)

* Toy Story (6A)

* Star Wars II (6D)

Now, add the information you have about the movie in your Cinema Timeline on a small piece of cardboard. 

Zones 2: ICT Zone

 Zones 2

ICT Zone – My Favorite Movie Presentation


-        Research on the Internet and answer the questions below about you and the movie you like the most
-        Include the answers in a Google Drive presentation
-        AFTER you are finished, you can add pictures, color, a title…
-        Please only use 6 slides for the presentation. (4 for the answers, 1 for the title slide, and 1 more to be creative!)
-        Then, when you have the FINAL presentation, please share it with me in Google Drive😊

Please answer these questions (approx. 4-6 sentences each):

  1. What is your favorite movie? When was it made? What genre is it? (action, romantic, comedy, thriller…) What is it about?

  1. Who are the main characters in the movie? Please describe the protagonist. Did any of the actors win an Oscar for their role in the movie?

  1. Was your movie shot with a digital or film camera? Is it an animated movie? Did they use a Chroma Key or any other special effects to make the movie?

  1. Why do you like the movie so much? What is the movie’s important message? Use one adjective to describe the movie. (suspenseful, scary, thrilling, funny…) You can look at a dictionary if you would like. 

Zones 2 Plan

Zones 2

Reading and Writing

Two Reading Comprehension Worksheets:

  • Out of time
  • More than Just a Snack Food


My Favorite Movie Presentation (instructions in blog)

Hands On

Movie Poster (instructions in blog)


Movies & TV conversation with Selina

Weekly Plan 18th October - 25th October

This is your Weekly Plan this week. Use your Science notes to complete the activities.